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Final Standings
1st Daulton 
2nd Rossman
3rd Schultz 
4th (Tie)
   A. Hopkins
6th D. Hopkins
7th Ng
8th Mancini

7 Games of the Casbah

Some of the top professional players in the world got together Saturday night to go head-to-head in Camel's "7 Games of the Casbah" - a competition of 7 non-traditional pool activities that pit the pro players against each other in the following competitions: Fastest Break, 8-Ball Mini Tournament, 8-on-the-break contest, 9-on-the-break contest, 9-Ball "Against the Ghost," 7-Ball Drop and Speed Shot.

The competition got rolling with the fastest break competition.  "Razor" Ray Schultz drilled home the best speed with a 26.1 mph break. Shannon "The Cannon" Daulton placed in a close second at speed of 23.9 mph.  WPBA "young gun" Nicole Mancini finished in 3rd with an impressive 20.5 mph break.

Alan Hopkins giving instruction to APA Members.
Shannon Daulton

Next up was the single elimination 8-Ball Mini Tournament.  In the 1st round Vivian Villarreal defeated Mancini and Ming Ng bested Schultz to advance to the semi-final round.  Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman beat Hall of Fame nominee Allen Hopkins to advance to the semi-final match against Dawn Hopkins, who overcame Daulton in the 1st round.  In the semi-final round Ng defeated Villarreal and Dawn Hopkins beat "Dr. Cue" to set the stage for the finals. Hopkins overcame Ng with a strong performance to win the event.

The 8-on-the-break contest got off to an exciting start when Villarreal, the first competitor in the event, pocketed the 8-ball on the first of her three attempts. Daulton and Rossman both managed to sink the 8-ball on the break as well, however Villarreal finished with more overall points to win the contest.

Alan Hopkins giving instruction to APA Members.
Dawn Hopkins

None of the pro's managed to sink the 9-ball in the 9-on-the-break contest which followed, however Allen Hopkins and Daulton tied for 1st in the event with the most overall balls made on the break.

In the 9-Ball "Against the Ghost" event - in which the pros attempted to run as many 9-Ball racks in a row as possible - "Dr. Cue" stole the show with an outstanding performance in which he ran three consecutive racks. Allen Hopkins placed 2nd by running two consecutive racks.

The 7-Ball Drop competition challenged the pros to sink a ball placed in each pocket in as few shots as possible, and then sinking the 8-ball from the spot.  Daulton managed the feat in four shots, just ahead of both Villarreal and Dawn Hopkins who needed only 5 shots.

The overall competition came down to the last event, Speed Shot, with the pros attempting to sink three balls from the break as quickly as possible. "Dr. Cue" showed once again why he's the "Doctor of Billiardology" by recording a time of 6.43 seconds after nearly sinking all three balls on the break. Allen Hopkins finished second with a time of 11.52 followed by Daulton at 15.65 and Schultz at 16.22.

Win a strong showing throughout the contests, Daulton managed to accumulate 50 points overall to take home the victory.  Rossman finished in a close 2nd  with 47 points followed by Schultz in 3rd place with 41 points.

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